Wendy darling

Wendy darling is the tritagonist to disney's peter pan, and it's sequel. She's a 12 yr old girl who lives in london, England with her mother, step-dad, dog, and 2 younger brothers. 

As in the movie, we can see that she's good with children, and even acts motherly toward them--growing up to have kids of her own.


  • Sweet
  • Easily flustered
  • Creative
  • Motherly


Wendy has short brown hair, pinned up by a blue bow. She wears a sky blue night gown, and dark blue flats. She also wears red lipstick, and has a slender body with baby blue eyes.

As an adult, she wears a pink robe and her hair is tied up into a back bun. She also wears pink house shoes on her feet.

Also appears in

  • House of mouse
  • Peter pan 2
  • Kingdom hearts
  • Disney junior princess sing along volumes 1-2

Her hit song

Wendy sings, your mother, in peter pan to the lost boys.


  • The color blue
  • Strories
  • Fantasy
  • Children


  • Wendy shares the same features with alice.
  • Wendy lives in the same area as jane darling and alice.
  • Wendy was born on same day as alice.
  • Wendy wears blue and likes blue like alice.
  • Wendy is 12 like alice, melody, eilonwy,  and shanti.