Welcome to the Disney junior princess wiki! here, you can learn all about this intruging franchise, and the little princesses who build it up.

Current j.d.p members

1. Princess Eilonwy

2. Alice

3. Wendy darling

4. Princess Melody

5. Princess gingereena

6. Vanellope

7. Princess sofia

8. Shanti

9. Tigerlily

10. Lilo

11. Millie & melodie

12. darby

13. penny

14. Princess star butterfly

15. Princess dollianne

16. Boo

17. Anne marie

The next generation j.d.p members

The next generation members are the offspring of the current j.d.p members. There are 6 of them. 1. sassafras

2. Princess angeline

3. Princess oakenette

4. Princess jazzline

5. Jane darling

6. Princess harmony

7. Patty

Future j.d.p members

1. Izzy (from Jake & the neverland pirates)  (coming october 5th)

2. Isabella (from phinias & ferb) (coming october 9th)

3. Wisteria (from aladdin: the next generation)  (coming november 1st)

4. Doc mcstuffins (coming december 12th)

5. Poppery incredible (coming august 20th)

Unofficial j.d.p members

Most of these are animals. A future wiki created by creativeteen will be coming soon featuring the Disney junior animals. 

1. Faline (from bambi)

2. Kira (from the lion king 2)

3. Marie (from the aristocats)

4. Dot (from a bugs life)

Meet the current junior Disney princesses

The next generation

  • Sassafras
  • The gingereena jr sisters
  • Jane darling
  • Princess harmony

Sneak peak on the future j.d.p

  • Izzy
  • Isabella
  • Princess wisteria
  • Doc mcstuffins
  • Poppery incredible


  • the junior Disney princesses are a group of little girls kicked out of the regular Disney princess franchise.
  • when these junior princesses grow up, they'll move up to becoming regular Disney princesses and the current ones will retire.
  • Some of them are either oc's of creativeteen, other users, or disney itself.
  • the junior Disney princesses have their own sing-along dvds: volumes 1 and 2.
  • A future disney junior princess named wisteria is joining the franchise. She's princess jasmine's daughter.

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