Purplina (aka: the purple fairy) is the 17 year old daughter of the blue fairy, also identified as evangline.


Purplina appears throughout the gingereena movie series, as gingereena's main sidekick. She is jiminy cricket's counterpart and the teenage daughter of evangeline, the blue fairy. Since her father is a glowfly, she was born  naturally handsized like tinkerbell and the other disney fairies. 

Purplina also makes appearances in the fab four dancers, and in the Gingereena TV series.


Purplina has medium length, neon gold hair that she wears in a ponytail which drapes down over her shoulder. She has sky blue eyes, and wears lavender purple lipstick. She wears a shimmery grape purple gown that overflows past her feet. She is barefoot, since she never has the need to walk. She has a set of clear wings that glow gold at night, or when she flies. This is a trait she inherrited from her father.


Purplina acts more like her mother when it comes to what she likes and what she doesn't like. She hates violence, and anything related. But loves world peace and spreading joy.

  • Demanding
  • Feisty
  • Girly
  • Noble
  • Selfless
  • Flirty


  • Anything purple
  • Grapes & grape juice


  • Purplina's parents are evangeline and Ray the glowfly. It's possible the two started dating in the princess and the frog, and married 17 years before gingereena came along, and had purplina 17 years before gingereena.
  • In another version of gingereena, purplina is the pink fairy instead of the purple fairy and named daphne.
  • Purplina is surprisingly the cousin of tinkerbell and periwinkle.
  • Purplina develops a short-term crush on pinocchio after he nurses her back to health on a rainy day from a wounded wing.
  • Purplina dates jiminy cricket.
  • Purplina's birthday falls in the late winter, while her mother's falls in early winter.
  • Purplina's birthday is february 2 'nd. In another version, it's february 4th.
  • Purplina's nicknamed the purple fairy, or purpy.