Wisteria 2

Wisteria is the 10 yr old daughter of princess jasmine and Aladdin. she is one of the several new additions to the j.d.p franchise.

she is the main protagonist to Disney's Aladdin: fighting for the waking flower.


  • mischevious
  • clever
  • playful
  • wise


Wisteria wears a fushia purple top and matching pantalettes with a light pink wasteband. she wears gold shoes on her feet. she has a slender body with light brown eyes, and long flowing puffy black hair.

Role in Aladdin: fighting for the waking flower

In this sequel to Aladdin, wisteria is visited by the genie who warns her about a future fate coming to her parents. jafar has returned again, this time having minions to put her parents in a deep sleep so he can kidnap wisteria and make her his daughter. wisteria is told to find the waking flower in order to awake her parents, while jafar is out searching for her.


  • fresh fruit
  • the color fushia
  • adventures


  • Wisteria became a j.d.p on 8/19/14.
  • Wisteria is a daughter of a senior Disney princess. the other is melody.
  • Wisteria's appearance looks mostly like her mothers, with the exception of her nose.
  • She is the 6th official next generation j.d.p.
  • Wisteria was born on December 8th.