Oakenette 2


Oakenette wood is the third daughter of Pinocchio and princess gingereena. she was created by hand by Pinocchio as an experiment, but he didn't know that the wood he was using was enchanted and alive, which brought him little oakenette.

she's a 5 yr old puppet girl who's goal is to become a real little girl. she is also the sister-in-law to princess angeline and princess jazzline.

after she was created, she ran off to explore the world and ent up getting her father arrested. thus, when he returned, the blue fairy came and associated a talking butterfly named baya to guide her to the right path.


  • gullable
  • naïve
  • sweet
  • soft
  • girly
  • graceful
  • mischevious


Oakenette has a slender body with long, thick black hair, and blue eyes. she wears a sleevless blue leotarden dress with a pair of brown mary janes. she also wears a lavender purple hat with a gold bow on it.


  • pizza
  • poot beer
  • the colors blue and purple
  • dancing
  • exploring


  • Oakenette is the second to be a noirette, meaning she has black hair. the first is melody.
  • Oakenette is a daughter of a Disney junior princess
  • Oakenette gets most of her traits from ginger
  • Oakenette has a conscience like her father
  • Oakenette is one of the many fanmade children for Pinocchio. there's a girl similar to her named Annabelle, created by lazbro14.