Harmony is the main protagonist of the giant mermaid. she is the 8 yr old daughter of melody and the merboy.


  • noble
  • heroic
  • mischevious
  • stubborn
  • headstrong
  • caring


Harmony has a slender body with thick, long blonde hair having a section pinned back, real blue eyes, and bushy eyebrows. She wears a seaweed green crop top, over a glinting white shirt, and a pink tail.

Her hit song

Harmony's song is similar to her grandmother's, being mainly centered on her wishes of meeting a giant.

It's called, I wonder.

Role in the giant mermaid

In this spinoff to the little mermaid, harmony plays as the leading character. she dreams of visiting land to meet a giant named jeff [who's she's fallen in love with]. her mother keeps forbidding her to go for safety reasons, due to a past tragedy. but being determined, harmony ventures off anyway with flounder's kids, dash & tip, and her new friend seahorse, aquamara. meanwhile, the giants know that mermaids exist, and decide to set a trap. harmony sees it, thinking it looks pretty and tries to collect it, but ends up getting captured. jeff the giant finds her, and takes her in to the other giants to see and kill. eventually, he develops the same feelings for her and stops the murder from happening. thus, seeing how happy she seems, melody [with the trident] makes jeff a mermaid to go live with them in the sea.


  • aquamara
  • melody's old friends
  • flounder's guppies


  • melody [mother]
  • ariel [grandmother]
  • jeff giant
  • merboy [father]
  • eric [grandfather]
  • king triton [later deceased grandfather]
  • queen Athena [deceased grandmother]


  • The giants


  • lemon seasoned seaweed
  • the color pink
  • singng
  • prancing around on land
  • finding things from giants


  • Harmony gets some traits from her ancestors.
  • Harmony's nick name is gold girl, for her voice.
  • Harmony's official birthday is June 4th
  • Harmony is the daughter of a disney princess the others are oakenette, and Jane.
  • Harmony is a good mix of her parents.
  • just like her mother, and grandmother, she wore a pink dress in her film.