Princess angeline is one of the royal daughters of princess gingereena, and Pinocchio. she is the oldest of her two sisters, and the older than her brother by 2 minutes. she is a 12 yr old girl who loves the spotlight and participating in plays.


  • bubbly
  • graceful
  • girly
  • mature


Angeline wears a forest green and teal leotard with a violet purple tutu ontop. she wears gold lace up ballet shoes. she is slender with long, wavy red hair that has a section pinned up into a pigtail. she has green eyes, freckles like her mom, and long eyelashes.

she actually has two sets of ballet dresses, but the one explained above is her most worn outfit.


  • strawberry cream pie
  • the colors green, teal, and violet
  • being the center of attention
  • being the oldest


  • Angeline is a daughter of a j.d.p.
  • Angeline is the daughter that looks mostly like gingereena.
  • Angeline was born on may 4th