Pinocchio: Pop Party Series is a Fake Video Game made for the X-Box 360, the Playstation 3, and the Wii. It was released on july 23rd, 2012. 


The object of the game is to choose characters from the Pinocchio and gingereena franchises for a team and compete against villians with dancing.

How to playEdit

The game is motion interactive, meaning you can make your character dance by moving your body in front of the screen. However, this feature us only available for the wii. The other 2 game systems allow you to do this with the controller. 

When choosing a character for your team, first you must choose the team and then pick up to 6 members. It doesn't matter who you'll choose for a team in the beginning because you start out with 6 characters, meaning you have no choice.

But as the game proceeds, you can unlock new characters and have more choices from what you started with.

Character selectionEdit

  • Pinocchio
  • Gingereena
  • Jiminy
  • Purplella
  • Gepetto
  • Madame felicity


You can unlock characters and dancing platforms by completing challenges offered in the agenda cube. 

  • Blue fairy
  • Figaro
  • Human cleo
  • Lampwick
  • Alexander
  • Stromboli's marionettes
  • Baby gingereena
  • Baby pinocchio


There are 2 teams you can choose. Pinocchio or gingereena. Though you still get the same characters in both, the leaders will be different. If you choose team gingereena, gingereena will be the leader. The same goes for team pinocchio.


Popular songs of the year are played in this Game.

  • It's always a good time (Owl City)
  • One last kiss (Pink)
  • Starships (Demi Lovato)
  • Wild ones (Flor Ida)
  • All of the lights 
  • Freaken weekend (Rhianna)
  • How we do (Rhianna)
  • Call me maybe (Katy Perry)


These tools evenutally fall into the game every 60 seconds. A small beep is heard when they do and the character can use them to speed up their dancing, enhance it, slow down villians, or reverse time.

  • Sparkler slippers (speed up dancing; unisex)
  • Anklet (enhance dancing)
  • Glitz glue gun (slow down villains)
  • Counterclockwise clock (reverses time)