This page features the friends of the j.d.p's. 

Pinkabella fairyEdit


Pinkabella is the best friend of princess gingereena. 

She appears for the first time in the classic film, and from here on out. She serves as ginger's helper and gaurd, similar to jiminy cricket with pinocchio. 

She also is the girlfriend of jiminy, too. And a friend of the blue fairy. The only difference is that she is tinkerbell sized, and not human sized like the blue fairy, and also all pink.

Cheshire catEdit


The chesire cat from alice in wonderland can be counted as an ally of alice, because he guided her to the way home in the film.

He's simply just a thick furred purple and hot pink striped cat with glow in the dark gold eyes and a removable smile.

Tip & dashEdit


This funny pair are the new friends introduced to the little mermaid. They are friends of princess melody, wwho take her under their wing so she can get the president for morgana.

They also lift melody away from the giant iceberg that crashes to the ground.

Tip is a casual looking penguin and dash is a flabby walrus.


Ralph is the beastly friend of vanellope from wreck it ralph. He is the one who builds her her own official kart to join the race aafter it gets destroyed by the other sugar crush kids.

Peter panEdit


He is the elf immortal to aging boy who teaches wendy how to fly. He also saves her multiple times, and teaches her new things.

He even appears in the sequel, where he saves jane from captain hook and teaches her how to become a lost girl.

Baya butterflyEdit

She is an insect friend of princess oakenette, who serves as a gaurd. Her occupation is similar to pinkabella, and jiminy.

She has gold, pink, and red wings with big Brown eyes and a hot pink body.

Sulley Edit


He was supposed to be her fear, acting as a monster in her closet to scare her. But since she is only three, she had no understanding and took him to be a friendly guardian.

This is boo's friend, who shares a fatherly relationship with her. He is a muscular, blue and purple monster with a pink nose and black eyes.



He is the rabbit sidekick of princess sofia. He is now older, and also much more mature. He acts as sofia's pet, though.